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My name is Afoma. I’m a twenty-something writer, editor, and voracious reader with an insatiable appetite for children’s literature, books by women, and articles about life and human relationships. In addition to my love affair with words, I dabble in photography, and also happen to have completed medical school.

Afoma Umesi, the website, has evolved over the years. It began as an online diary — as all blogs were, circa 2012 — and became fertile soil for my writing skills to bloom.

Now, it is most of all, my online home where I share all the things I find beautiful — books, links, resources for freelancers (I officially started freelance writing/editing in 2018, hire me!), and thoughts about life. You’ll find that I read mostly middle-grade and young adult novels, with the occasional foray into adult literature.

My latest pet project is creating a database of all the novels by Africans home and abroad. You can access my list (well over 100 books so far) here.

I’m so glad you found your way here. Stay a while, will you?

I’m happy to chat all things writing, editing, and blog-related at hello@afomaumesi.com. My lovely header and all other illustrations on this blog were done by Kat of Waffley Cute Designs.

– Afoma


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  1. I love your website! I love what you do (and will be needing your skills by April).

    I’m glad I ran into you yesterday.

  2. I stumble on to your website as I was looking for a list of Black Authors for myself and my 5 year old son. I am very grateful for you website and look forward to all your recommendation! My IG is sasha_lovesbooks ( I blog as well too and its so much fun!)

    1. Hi Sasha, thank you so much for reading. I’m glad to hear my website was useful to you and your son πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for compiling such amazing reading lists! I came across your site while looking for books for my 11-yr (going on 16-yr old) daughter to read during the summer. We will be going through your middle grade and YA list. A few of her favorites are on your list too so I think she will enjoy working her way through your recommendations. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ann & Bailey! Thank you sooo much for reading. I’m glad you’re enjoying my resources. I hope your daughter finds many new books she loves.

  4. Hi Afoma! I have started reading your list with the plan to include 3-5 titles for reading groups in a high school freshmen English class. I have begun with Dread Nation and it is fantastic!

    Peace to you-

    Jamey Miller
    Arlington Heights, Illinois

    1. Hi Jamey! Such good news! Thank you for readign my blog and sharing these books with your class πŸ™‚

  5. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog!!! I have been hunting bookstores and online for chapter books about cooking (my daughter wants to be a chef) and books for kids by black authors… and you have both!! Thank you Afoma!!

  6. Great to see this website. I have written a children novel. I was wondering if you would like to tell it to your readers. Sending you what the book is about. i can send you the pdf.

    Come join Lega, Yaga and Timble on their adventures as they sail the high seas on a adventure of a lifetime! Wait a minute… are you wondering who Lega, Yaga and Timble are? Well, surprise, surprise – they are a spider, bear and penguin! What could animals be doing on a ship? Where could they be going? To find out, turn this pages of this book that is filled with humour, suspense, adventure and lots more.

  7. Hello, I just found this blog and it is fabulous! I am specifically looking for middle level novels that have science/biology themes. I am a middle school bio teacher and I would like to do a read aloud for my class, since we will be at least partly online this year. I would especially love to find a novel with Black main characters. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Anastasia, thanks for stopping by! Some of my favorite science/biology recs are THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS by Tae Keller (explores the scientific method + depressed parent) and THE QUEEN BEE AND ME by Gillian McDunn (explores bees). THE MEMORY KEEPER deals with Alzheimer’s and brain anatomy while THE LINE TENDER has a big marine biology focus + handles death and grief (it might be a tad heavy!). I’ve linked my reviews of all four books. I hope you find them useful πŸ™‚

  8. I’m reading behind you as fast as I can! I teach 6th graders and love chatting about books with them. Thank you for your recommendation of Rene Watson. Our media specialist is adding a few of those to our library!

    1. Aw! Thank you for your comment, Terry! I’m a big Watson fan so I’m very happy to hear this πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you so much, your lists are wonderful, with so much thoughtful detail about each book. I have been delighted to find books that will (hopefully) appeal to my Nigerian-American students. If you run across anything for students from Karen families, it would be a godsend. All I can find is some folk tale collections, and I want my Karen students to see themselves in books too!!!

  10. Stumbled on you your list of good books on editing. I found it really useful. Thank you so much. Looking forward to reading more of your blog entries.

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