Picture Book Love: Zoo-Mate Wanted

zoo-mate wanted book review

Summary: Zoo-Mate Wanted

Zoo-Mate Wanted is an adorable picture book featuring two physically identically sisters with (of course) different personalities. Leah and Lilly love each other, but they just have different preferences. One day, after dealing with Leah’s messes, Lilly gets fed up and moves out of their room. Leah is unfazed, and just decides she’ll find a new “zoo-mate” who doesn’t mind messes and is willing to paint and get creative everywhere and whenever. After interviewing and testing out a few animal friends, she realizes finding a new zoo-mate isn’t as easy as it seems.

The Good

This book is super cute! I love books about sibling relationships, whether it’s two sisters or just a big family. Leah and Lilly are mostly nice to each other, and even during their squabble, there isn’t any real meanness, which is nice. I also liked that they resolved things without parental intervention. Leah’s process of interviewing prospective zoo-mates is cute. I found that idea to be a creative use of imagination, much like Help Wanted, Must Love Books (another picture book I loved).

The illustrations are cute and vivid, and the author distinguishes both girls for the reader. I like that the text is minimal and most of the story flows through the imagery and character’s facial expressions. It makes for a short and sweet picture book.

Overall: Zoo-Mate Wanted

Zoo-Mate Wanted is a delightful picture book that highlights a positive sibling relationship, and shows how to make compromises to accommodate differences at home. With minimal text and engaging illustrations, this picture book is perfect for kids ages 3 and up — especially if they have sisters, a twin, or if they’re animal lovers. I think even older kids would enjoy this one.

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Thanks to the publisher for an eARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This book is out April 2021!

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