Review | Twig and Turtle 1: Big Move to a Tiny House

Twig and Turtle 1 - Big Move to a Tiny House - book review

Summary: Twig and Turtle 1 – Big Move to a Tiny House

Twig and Turtle are two sisters whose parents have just moved into a tiny house! The family has done some major downsizing — the kids even had to choose just five toys they could keep, and now they have to clean up after playing with their toys. Both girls are also adjusting to a new neighborhood and new school.

Turtle, the younger girl, seems to be adjusting well at school, making friends and having a good time. But for the older girl, Twig, things are a bit harder. She’s self-conscious about having few clothes in rotation and being new in general. Twig is also missing their Great Dane, Bo, whom they had to leave at their Grandma’s because of the tiny house. Twig decides that the she will convince her mother to let Bo move in with them again.

The Good

I adore this series! I also read and loved the next book in the series Twig and Turtle: Toy Store Trouble. The illustrations are so cute, and both girls are different but absolutely lovable. I could relate to Twig’s anxious self-concern, and any pet lover will understand her missing Bo so much. The tiny house idea is lovely! I haven’t read many children’s books with characters living in a tiny house. In The House That Lou Built, the character tries to build a tiny house, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten.

The plot of this book is also engaging. I was pleasantly surprised by the story’s ending, and I loved all the tidbits about the girls’ parents who work freelance. Their mom is also a photographer! It was nice to see Twig making friends, and also see that Turtle had her own challenges. Both girls are so kind to each other, besides the normal sibling argument here and there, which I liked, because positive sibling interactions are important for chapter books.

Overall: Twig and Turtle 1 – Big Move to a Tiny House

Twig and Turtle: Big Move to a Tiny House is a delightful start to a compelling new chapter book series featuring two sisters whose lives are changed by a move to a tiny house. It’s perfect for kids navigating a move to another house, depicts a positive sister relationship, and shows kids how to handle bullying at school. Twig and Turtle are clever, determined, and empathetic girls to introduce your kids to, and I’m so excited to read more books in this wholesome series. I would highly recommend this chapter book (and the next in the series) to anyone looking for a new chapter book series for kids ages 6-9.

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