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Summary: The Amelia Six

The Amelia Six is the story of six clever girls who are invited to spend a night in Amelia Earhart’s home because of their achievements in STEM (specifically flying and aeronautics). Although all big-time Earhart fans, each of the girls are different. There’s shy, anxious Amelia (Millie) whose mom left her to go be a pilot. Then there are twins Robin and Wren who run a YouTube channel, Thea who builds things, like the side car she arrives in with her aunt’s motorcycle, Nathalie and her pet rat, and Cassie whose parents work at NASA.

The girls are hosted by Birdie, one of the Ninety-Niners who is the museum’s caretaker. Also in the house are Edna, the housekeeper; Collin, Birdie’s nephew; and Perry, the chef. Things are going smoothly until the girls realize that Birdie has been drugged and Amelia Earhart’s famous aviator goggles — which must be retrieved by the Smithsonian the next day(!) — have gone missing. Everyone’s a suspect and suddenly these girls have to band together if they want to get out alive.

The Good

Let me just say: I was so nervous that I wouldn’t like this book. Some STEM books can be soo… STEM-y and not very plot-centered. Also, I knew nothing about Earhart before stumbling on this book, so there was that. But surprisingly, I LOVED this story! It is the definition of a cozy mystery. It’s not too complex, but definitely still intriguing with just the right amount of suspense. Plus, these girls are absolutely lovable. I worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to keep the characters straight, but a week and several other books later, I still remember their names and it’s easy to see how different they are from each other on the book’s cover.

Speaking of which — I LOVE this cover! I adore covers that feature the characters, especially in stories with more than two major characters, much like Perez’s Strange Birds (which I also adored). This book is also fast-paced, the mystery is engaging and there’s just enough Amelia Earhart trivia to satisfy the Earhart fan without alienating those (ahem, people like me) who did not know much about her. I actually found myself learning much about the aviatrix throughout the book.

Overall: The Amelia Six

The Amelia Six is a clever, girl-powered mystery that is perfect for Amelia Earhart fans (and non fans alike). Featuring a band of six whip-smart, witty girls; a pair of missing aviator goggles; one pet rat; and a cat, among others, this middle-grade story will keep any reader glued to its pages. If you’re looking for a cozy mystery featuring strong female protagonists, a scavenger hunt, and plenty of action, this is the one for you!

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