Picture Book Love: Sunday Funday in Koreatown

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Picture Book Review: Sunday Funday in Koreatown

Aram Kim’s Sunday Funday in Koreatown follows Yoomi, whom you may already know from No Kimchi for Me. The latter is a hit for picky eaters and readers who love fun food books. In this picture book, Yoomi wakes up excited for her usual Sunday funday festivities, but this Sunday is not so… fun. First, she can’t watch the morning show she likes, thanks to her brothers, then she can’t wear her favorite shirt because it’s still wet from the wash! But then, she’s still going to Koreatown with her dad, so maybe there’s hope yet?

Although she eats some of her favorite Korean treats like patbingsu and ddukbokki, she still faces a string of disappointing market incidents.

My Thoughts

The illustrations in this book are unique, as Yoomi practically lives in an “animal town,” so all the passersby and those present in the market are different animals. This is also great for kids who like to identify and point to each animal they spot. Yoomi is an expressive protagonist, which is always welcome in picture books.

I enjoyed this immersive picture book, complete the sights and tastes of Koreatown. Yoomi’s dismay at the unfortunate events and mishaps is relatable and readers will empathize with her. Sunday Funday in Koreatown is also a wonderful display of the variety and culture found in Koreatowns around the world. Complete with sibling drama, a sweet grandma, father-daughter bonding, and encouragement to persevere on bad days, this picture book is a delightful addition to shelves.

I would definitely recommend this as a read-aloud, perfect for when your kids are having a bad day!

Sunday Funday in Koreatown in Out on March 2, 2021.

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Have you read this book or any other picture books by Aram Kim? Which other food-related picture books or picture books about bad days would you recommend?

I received an electronic ARC of this picture book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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