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Disclaimer: I received an electronic ARC of Spin from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Spin

Fifteen-year-old Delilah “Dizzy” Doucette lives with her dad and brother above their record store. On the surface, they seem like the average single-parent family. But what no one else knows is that her mother is Georgia Waters — the super famous and well-loved singer.

When Dizzy starts becoming known for her work as a budding DJ, she begins to long for her mother’s presence and recognition. In her bid to let her mother know who she is, their secret is revealed to the world and chaos ensues.

The Good

Spin has a fascinating premise. I loved the idea of having a famous mother who doesn’t acknowledge your existence and the level of drama that could generate if it leaked.

This novel is also more interesting because it’s YA told from three perspectives. Dizzy, her brother Lou, and their dad Ray narrate alternating chapters. I honestly wasn’t sure what to think about Ray narrating, but it worked! It provides a complete view of the Doucettes’ lives and emotions.

I also really liked Lou’s character. He’s on a journey to figure out what he wants to do with his life and often, his life and story were more engaging than Dizzy’s. Another unique thing about this novel is that Dizzy doesn’t fall in love with anyone throughout the course of this story! If you read YA, you know that this is groundbreaking.

Finally, this book has a lot of music. Author, Colleen Nelson is one of few authors who’s gifted when it comes to writing about music. Her descriptions of Georgia’s performances were enrapturing — I could literally hear Georgia in my mind.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this book does have a slow start. For me, it picked up around the 15% mark when Dizzy starts getting into DJ-ing. But stick with it and it gets entertaining — with just the right touch of angsty.


I enjoyed Colleen Nelson’s Spin. This book is a different kind of YA novel, with chapters narrated from the parent’s POV and a protagonist who doesn’t need a romantic interest. Spin is perfect for YA lovers who enjoy books about family, music, fame, strong female friendships, and a generous helping of drama.

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Spin Is Out Sept 3

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