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Disclaimer: I received an electronic ARC of Beverly, Right Here from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Beverly, right here review by kate dicamillo

Summary: Beverly, Right Here

It’s the summer of 1979. 14-year-old Beverly Tapinski leaves home and arrives at the Seahorse Court RV community in Florida. She’s grieving the death of her (and the Three Rancheros’ dog, Buddy) and has left her friend Raymie without even saying goodbye. Beverly’s alcoholic mother Rhonda doesn’t care much about what happens to her.

All alone and away from home, Beverly meets an older, eccentric woman named Iola. Iola takes Beverly in and the two begin to build a friendship despite Beverly’s initial resistance. She also gets a job as a busgirl at a fish place, even though she hates fish. Then she meets 16-year-old Elmer who wants to study engineering at Dartmouth.

The Good

Oh, this book is so beautifully written. For the first time since I started this series, I could appreciate the DiCamillo hype. Beverly, Right Here is the perfect blend of sparse prose, poignant musings, and just brilliant characterization.

All the characters in this book are so quirky and yet represent so much of what we know in life today. In Iola, we see the challenges of aging and loneliness and yet how big and brave her heart is. And of course, sweet, smart Elmer with the unsightly acne. Yet, DiCamillo’s prose forces you to unearth the people under all of those layers.

The setting of this book also felt much realer to me than those of the other previous books in the series. And who could read this without feeling Beverly’s need to be seen, to be loved. More importantly, she also learns to give that love to others.

Beverly’s character is massively under-explored in Raymie Nightingale and Louisiana’s Way Home, so it was refreshing to see her get her moment. She has such a gift, that Beverly, of seeing people for who they truly are. It made my heart so happy that she saw Elmer and was never for a second put off by whatever was on the outside.


Ah, what more can I say?

Beverly, Right Here is the perfect blend of sparse prose, poignant musings, and just brilliant characterization. Click To Tweet

Beverly, Right Here is the perfect finale to Kate DiCamillo’s wonderful series. This book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. But above all else, it highlights the importance of seeing the good in others, the need to trust and rely on other people, and the power of letting people in.

If you’re looking for a book with complex, utterly lovable characters, and insightful dialogue, pick up Beverly, Right Here!

Beverly, Right Here is Out September 24

Beverly, right here review by kate dicamillo

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  1. I think the only one I’ve read by her is Louisiana’s Way Home and I loved it! I’d like to read more by this author! Thanks for a great review!

    1. Yes! This series is the first I’ve read from her myself. But Beverly is great! Hope you get to read it 🙂

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