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Summary: Now That I’ve Found You

Now That I’ve Found You is Kristina Forest’s sophomore YA novel. I read her debut, which I reviewed (plus, I also interviewed her) here. This book focuses on Evie, an up and coming actress with a family in the film-making industry. Her grandmother (Gigi) is a movie star and her parents are documentary film makers who travel the world for their career. Evie has just snagged a role with a well known director when a video of her drunkenly mocking his British accent surfaces. She’s dropped from the film immediately and effectively blackballed in the industry. She’s only 18.

The only movie opportunity that comes her way months later is a remake of her grandmother’s first major movie, but there’s a problem. Her grandmother isn’t on speaking terms with her ex-husband, who just happens to be remaking the movie — and costarred with her in the first release. Her grandma’s ex has asked that Evie get Gigi’s approval before they can sign Evie on. When Evie shows up in NYC, Gigi disappears and Evie is stuck with a young musician, Milo, who seems to be her best shot at finding Gigi in time for the award ceremony they both need to attend by the end of the week.

The Good

I loved this book! It’s such a FUN read, but also there were so many interesting elements propelling the story forward at every point. This is one of those stories than can pull you out of a book slump and just lighten your mood altogether. But first, let me just say that Milo was my favorite character. He’s sweet and charming, but he’s no manic-pixie dream boy. He had his own dreams and issues to work through, and he’s a great friend to his band mates.

Evie wasn’t so straightforward. At the start of the book (and for most of the story), she’s selfish and focused on solving her own problems to gain the approval of the public again. This story really highlights how problematic seeking external validation (from strangers on the internet) can be. Evie lets the public’s view of her affect her self-worth and her relationships with people in her real life. Thankfully, she does grow by the end of the book.

The side characters in this book also make for an entertaining reading experience. Milo’s band mates, Raf, Vinny, and Ben are nice boys, and Gigi, Simone, and James are well-drawn characters. The romance between Evie and Milo is swoon-worthy and believable, while remaining appropriate for teens. There are rare instances of language use throughout the book (about four or five times altogether). Finally, New York City is a character in this book! Evie and Milo run around the city, take the subway, get into bars for performances, and attend celeb studded events throughout the story — so fun!

Overall: Now That I’ve Found You

Now That I’ve Found You by Kristina Forest is a compulsively readable, action-packed young adult novel set in New York City. This book focuses on chasing dreams, honoring family legacy, and learning to let others in, especially after a betrayal. Readers will enjoy meeting the memorable, diverse cast of characters and the front-row view of life as a new celebrity in show business. Most importantly, however, this book explores what happens when we allow other dictate our self-value, and how we can regain control of our worth and what matters most to us. I would recommend this contemporary YA to movie lovers looking for a fun, engaging escapist read.

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Have you read this book or anything by Kristina Forest? I love her writing so much and can’t wait to read whatever she writes next! What are your favorite contemporary, “glitzy” YA novels?

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  1. I love Forest’s books, and like you, I thought this book was a lot of fun. Milo was definitely a highlight, but not only as a love interest. I thought his friendship with Gigi was something special and added this extra layer to his character.

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