Manuscript Services

Hello you! Congratulations on completing your manuscript! Writing a book is no easy feat and I’m honored that you’d like to collaborate with me on this journey. I prefer to work on children’s literature and adult non-fiction, but am willing to consider your work if it falls outside both those categories. Please find below my current rates:

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Picture Books

I work by the word count for novels and chapter books, but have a fixed price for picture books. I find word counts really finicky for picture books and they never encompass the actual creative work of editing.

So with picture books, I have a base price of $300 if your word count is under 300 words.

If it’s between 600 and 1,200 words, the cost is $400, and over 1,200 words, I charge from $500 or per word depending on the project — complexity and level of editing needed. This covers developmental, line, and copy-edits for picture books.

Chapter Books and Novels

Developmental Edit – $0.02/word

This big-picture critique is the best choice for writers who have completed a manuscript and aren’t sure how to begin a revision. I’ll read your full manuscript and provide a detailed editorial letter outlining your story’s strengths and weaknesses, along with suggested ways to improve. My critique will provide feedback on your story and plot structure, tone, character development, themes, clarity, consistency, and any other issues with your work.

A typical edit letter length is 5-7 single-spaced pages. Please note that this does not include line edits.

Comprehensive Critique – $0.03/word

I recommend this if you’ve already gone through a round or two of developmental edits and are looking for more thorough feedback and guidance to take your book to the next level – submitting to a publisher or self-publishing.

For this critique, I will also provide an edit letter plus line edits (in-line comments throughout the document, along with light proofreading). If you’d like to try this service, I offer a complimentary critique of the first 3 pages of your manuscript to give you a feel for my editing style before you book.

Line Edit Only – $0.02/word – $0.03/word

This is the most in-depth form of editing, in my opinion. I’ll provide in-line comments to improve character, plot, pacing, structure, and more, along with light proofreading. (This is not copyediting. To understand the difference between copyedits and line edits, check out this great article.)

Copy Editing – $0.01/word – $0.02/word

This usually happens after you’ve revised your manuscript using reader or editor feedback. I’ll assess your manuscript’s clarity, accuracy, and consistency at the sentence level. I’ll also check and correct issues with grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax while ensuring your manuscript is as clean as possible, without losing your voice, of course!

I’m excited to hear from you!