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Will Franny ever prove to her dad that crows and kids can be friends?

Franny has a new friend—a crow who brings her presents in its beak. Like a red button! And a silver heart! Franny’s dad doesn’t believe her. He says crows and kids can’t be friends. But Franny knows better. How will Franny prove her new playmate is real? And what will the crafty crow bring next?

hello crow picture book review

What I Liked About Hello, Crow

In this cute, cute picture book, Franny sees a crow but struggles to get her dad to believe she’s seen one. She then makes it her mission to prove it to her dad. This means hanging out and waiting for the crow to show up.

Both crow and girl forge a sweet friendship as time passes. Full of bright, vivid illustrations, this picture book is absolutely delightful. The text is minimal on most pages and I found the font to be readable (which is a weird thing that matters to me with picture books). I also love that Franny is creative and spends time in the outdoors.

hello crow picture book
hello crow picture book
sample pages c/o publisher

Overall, reading this picture book was such a pleasurable experience. Franny is a bright, determined, and nature-loving protagonist. Books like this one encourage a healthy dose of curiosity toward nature and foster a love for animals.

If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous book, a picture book about birds, or one to encourage your kids to go outside more, Hello, Crow is a fantastic pick!

Books like this one encourage a healthy dose of curiosity toward nature and foster a love for animals. Click To Tweet

Hello, Crow Is Out Sept 30. Pre-Order on Amazon

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Have you read this book or anything by Candace Savage? What did you think? What are your favorite nature-related picture books? I’d love to know!


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