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March was a lovely month, full of wonderful books, good food, and new projects (especially this African Fiction Database I’ve got up and running). But as with every month, I’m most excited for this lovely collection of links from around the web. In the middle of March, I relaunched my newsletter (aesthetically-speaking), and I’ll be sending one off on Monday, so feel free to subscribe here.

Now, onto the links.

I saw the prettiest flowers on a rainy day last week <3

Here’s What I Loved in March…

As a perennially single pringle, I loved this article on the art of being single–and happy of course.

As a fan of art and illustrations, I’m loving all the attention book covers (and their designers) are getting. One such series is Kat’s “Going Undercover” posts–I especially loved this one.

Writers–you’ll find these storytelling tips helpful. Just look at this one about dialogue:

Explore ways to improve your writing of dialogue by asking what should I have said instead of what I did say. We walk away from situations all the time saying to ourselves, Damn, I wish I would have said this instead of that. That’s dialogue. Pay attention to it. Making notes on this stuff is one way you’ll learn to write better dialogue.

This month, I joined the Freelancing Females Facebook group and I’ve found it to be such a resource-filled community. Founder, Tia Meyers shares her top freelancing tips here.

Jules’ blog is a new favorite this month. Her post about maximizing her time and being productive is chock-full or practical tips.

Helen Oyeyemi’s favorite books and TV shows.

This article about people who eat the same thing every day is fascinating.

Cole Sprouse gives some articulate interviews. But, he’s also the most romantic.

Last, but not least, one of my favorite books this month is by debut author (and bookstagrammer), Etaf Rum. Her book illuminates the death-dealing venom of shame, as does this article she wrote for LitHub.

I’m sharing a few more links in my upcoming newsletter, so feel free to sign up if you’re into it. Excited to spring into April–some exciting real life stuff is happening. I’m also hoping to finally complete my post sharing my experience as a freelancer working mostly on Upwork. Hopefully next week. But you can look forward to more book lists in April!

Read anything cool lately? I’d love to know! Have a lovely Sunday!



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