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It’s the end of another eventful month — so eventful that I couldn’t send out my newsletter (sorry!) — and time for another roundup. This time, I’m scheduling my newsletter for tomorrow morning as  I type, so you can rest ASSURED that it’s coming. I’m also making up for practically disappearing on you by including more articles than I have in a long time. And there will be more in the newsletter.

If you care about what happens in my personal life, that’ll be over in my newsletter. In summary, though, this month was full of surprises — literally! Thankfully, I still found some time to read and procrastinate by watching YouTube videos.

What I Loved in June

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I’m an early at the airport kind of person — you can blame my Nigerian upbringing. But apparently some people LOVE being late to the airport (gasp). I think this theory about why is true.

It’s finally avocado season and this trick for keeping avocados from going brown is nifty. Too bad I eat an entire avocado in under 24 hours.

This post about raising twins — one with Down syndrome and the other without — is so moving.

Hands-down, the best way to answer the “tell me about yourself” question in job interviews.

I’m bookmarking this California road trip guide for whenever I’m ready for my big, fat Cali trip.

I really enjoyed Jean Kwok’s newest release, Searching for Sylvie Lee. But I think I loved this essay she wrote about the unreliable narrator more. I read it after the book and it’s just so enlightening to see a book from the author’s perspective.

searching for sylvie lee cover

Let’s hear it for the average child. (NYT)

If you’re up for a long read, then dig into this wonderful essay on The Paris Review by author Ingrid Rohas Contreras.

Why does the stew always finish?

This first look at the Little Women movie just makes me SWOON.

Yes, freelancing is a sustainable career.

I felt each of these budget cooking tips in my heart.

Editors, here’s how to work collaboratively with your authors — and avoid cat fights!

This is a refreshingly practical post with a gazillion tips on making and maintaining adult friendships. Spoiler: it takes EFFORT.


I LOVE that Seji is working with Riverhead books to create these cool videos! Take a look at this one.

Blog Updates

In June, I tried to publish five times a week and was mostly successful. I’ve learned that the best way to publish often/consistently is to keep things simple and not overthink reviews or articles. So, you can expect more “article-style”/discussion posts. The first one I did this month was this Q & A style one about my Bookish Life from A-Z. I also loved writing this post about what makes a good book.

I’ve also been sprucing up the site by using more fun images to link to Goodreads, Amazon and the like. My whole goal is to keep things fun and snazzy, so I can keep talking about books and getting to read as much as my schedule allows. I read 11 books in June. These were some of my favorites:

patina jason reynolds cover











💬 What about you? What did you read in June? Did you enjoy any of these linked articles? Let me know, and please share my posts with your network if you enjoy them! I’m looking forward to some fantastic July releases, so look out for them in my next post.



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