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Just popping in for an extra quick round up of favorite things from the month of July! Last month was so packed for me with fun stuff, serious stuff and happy news! I hope to be able to talk more about the happy news in my monthly newsletter this weekend. In the meantime though, let’s catch up!

What I’ve Been Reading

In July, I hit my goodreads goal for 2018 of 100 books! I read 19 books in July: 2 YA, 4 picture books, 3 adult fiction and 10 middle grade novels. My favorites these month were

Counting By 7’s by Holly Sloan-Goldberg

Utterly moving and heartwarming novel about a twelve year old girl whose adopted parents die in a crash.

If You Leave Me by Crystal Hana Kim

An eye opening, engulfing and heartbreaking exploration of what love means, what war does and what womanhood can feel like.

If you leave me Crystal Hana Kim
photo c/o Crystal Hana Kim

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser

LOVED this so much that I preordered the sequel immediately after I finished reading it ❤️ So happy that there’ll be a movie made about The Vanderbeekers soon!


On the Web…

My favorite thing from July is this moving piece in The Paris Review by author Crystal Hana Kim about her grandmother and the memory of hunger.

Why do so many book covers now feature floral designs? This Vanity Fair article explains.

Crystal Hana Kim talks about writing war through the eyes of a woman. Her book, IF YOU LEAVE ME is absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it. More in my review here.

This TFD article on why hating fast fashion is a privilege says everything I’d like to say on the topic.

I’ve really been feeling The Millions this past month! I loved their Day in the Life of an Indie Publisher, featuring Akashic Books. It also made my little heart happy to read this one in which author of What We Were Promised, Lucy Tan interviews Crystal Hana Kim.

This brief article about overcoming hurdles in entrepreneurship is perfect for small business owners.

I love Janssen’s blog! Here she shares 12 tips for reading to a baby that won’t sit still!

Girls At Library interviewed poet, Yrsa Daley Ward about books, writing and the power of story.

This interview with author, Lillian Li, makes me want to read her book ASAP.

I LOVE this Cup Of Jo article about appreciating your current act. Read it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Are you intimidated by other people’s goodreads? This is for you.

I joined the Kacheetee Writing Team! Have you read my posts from July? First, I recommended 9 books you simply cannot put down. Then I shared some tips for helping your children become readers.

What I listened to…

Every month, I talk about Alex Elle’s podcast, hey, girl, but if you haven’t listened to any of my recs, listen to this one with Niaje.

On How I Built This, Guy Raz talks to the man behind Flickr and Slack. It’s so fun to see how an app I use often (Slack) began!

Reading Women interviewed author Lucy Tan in July! I loved every minute!

This Dear Sugars episode on emotional abuse is so poignant, especially in the way it highlights what an emotionally abusive relationship looks like.

I was mentioned in this Not Another Book Podcast episode. Also featured, The Book Banque, eeek!

What I watched…

This intriguing trailer for a new screenplay by Dan Fogelman (of THIS IS US).

I love Saoirse Ronan and especially love this Vogue 73 questions with her.

Another movie I HAVE to see!

I’ve been watching and LOVING this new show! I hope it doesn’t get canceled.

That’s all for July! I’m already finding so many gems to share this month, even though I’m up to my neck in work! How’s August going for you? What are you reading? I’d love to know!

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