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Hello hello, and happy Sunday!

I was sorely tempted to forgo this month’s favorites, but I had wayyy too many to share. July was a wonderful month: hanging with friends, hiking, pattering away on my keyboard and such. Here’s what I’ve been loving so far…

What I Loved in July

Articles on the Web

Bassey’s book, I’m Telling the Truth, But I’m Lying is out this August! Her essay in the NYT about bipolar II is profound. Pre-order her book if you haven’t yet!

If you hate meetings like I do (ugh), this article has nine ways to find a way out of them.

Where are the bok choys and the plantains? Why U.S dieticians need to be more culturally aware.

I’ve been binging on Allison’s blog and YouTube videos. She’s such a solo travel champ. Just look at this GORGEOUSLY FILMED Alaska vlog.

Blue collar workers — especially in the service industry — face burnout too.

How to nail working from home, while practicing self-care.

Few things are as bad for freelancers as late payments are.

This article on work-life balance vs. flexibility made me think. Could we just ditch the former concept and stick to being flexible?

Roxane Gay on how being a successful, published writer impacts her ability (and finding time) to write.

I interviewed Kat Boogard in July — loved her answers! This post on her site on how to stand out as a freelancer is so practical.

Writer and editor Anna Pitoniak on what editing has taught her about writing. This has excellent points through and through — LOVE.

Freelance illustrators, here’s a guide for everything you need to know about social media, finding an agent, and dealing with copyright infringement.

What I Blogged About in July

That’s all, folks! I hope you find something fun on this list! What about you?

What did you enjoy reading, watching, or doing in July? I’d love to hear all about it!

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