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February just whizzed past, didn’t it? I honestly can’t remember half of what happened this month because I felt like I was just trying to make it through. I’m talking more about my professional and personal struggles in February on this month’s newsletter which is out in two hours. Sign up here if you want to catch it hot off the press 😉

Still, I did manage to read 14 books, as you’ll see in this post. And I squeezed in a trip to the beach too.

black woman walks on beach with her son

But I was kind enough to bookmark some of my favorite online articles and more from February just for you.

Currently Loving…

Why freelancing creates financial anxiety — if this isn’t the truth.

do you type like this? in all lowercase? (okay, it’s driving me crazy, i’ll stop.) This The Cut article lists eleven (SUPER TRUE) reasons why some people do.

Like I mentioned in this post on Monday, I’m looking forward to sharing my experience as a freelancer (it’s been six months!). In the meantime, though, here’s a post with mistakes new freelancers make. I’ve made all the mistakes here, so it’s worth reading.

Can a night owl become a morning person? Wanna try?

You know I love Ashley Ford’s writing. This interview about storytelling and financial wellness hit all the right notes for me.

Speaking of liking people, this month’s crush is Cole Sprouse. He’s so articulate and funny in all his interviews. Here’s this GQ one.

Bookish Links

Caroline Cala, one of my favorite writers online and off, wrote a book. But more importantly, here are ten things she learned while writing. Honestly, all writers should this.

Eight observations about writing a middle-grade novel. Loved this.

Drizzle and Hurricanes is one of my new favorite book blogs to follow. I loved this interview with Katy Loutzenhiser whose debut YA novel, If You’re Out There is out next Tuesday. It’s on my list of anticipated 2019 books.

The Brown Bookshelf has been shouting out Black writers all through February. I loved this interview with author and illustrator, Oge Mora.

Want to start a book blog? This Book Riot article shares six steps to writing a good book review. Easy peasy.

In Music News

Westlife is back! And the Jonas Brothers are coming back! Do I smell a boy man band revival? Sign me up, please.



Also, I can’t stop listening to this song from the Five Feet Apart movie soundtrack.


What’s on My Radar for March?

  • An article about my experience as a full-time freelancer
  • Getting through my massive stack of ARCs
  • Five Feet Apart, the movie, staring Haley Lu and *ahem* Cole Sprouse.
  • Editing exciting content over at

What’s on your radar? And how was February for you? I’d love to hear.


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