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Just dropping off one last post before this calendar year is over. You didn’t think I’d forget my monthly roundup of favorites, did you? Well, I didn’t. This month is different because it’s been over two months since my last one and I’m redefining a lot of things about this website, so I may not share things in “categories” anymore. Instead, it’ll be more of a link dump and a random collection of things I’ve enjoyed during the month. Also, since I’ve started freelance writing and editing, I’m more interested in articles online, but also content geared toward freelancers and entrepreneurs. There will of course still be bookish links and a few videos here and there. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I’ve been loving.

Currently Loving…

I enjoyed Tope’s non-fiction piece, The Smell of Oxford on The Book Banque. She writes beautifully about loss, change, and memory.

On She Leads Africa, Ebun shared nine lessons from her first year of business, and of course, I furiously took notes.

If you’re a writer with a different day job, this Millions article is just for you. Sometimes even with freelance writing, it’s hard to find time to write for yourself.

Speaking of work, if like me you’re parked in front of the screen for hours at a time, here are some ways you can protect your eyes. Number four is pretty tough when you’re myopic, but I’m working on it (just had to remind myself right now).

In my blogging hiatus, I was addicted to ManRepeller content. This article on the need to “look good” is thought-provoking, even though I stopped feeling that need a long time ago. This list of things we consistently regret but continue to do is also crazy relatable.

Loved this article about chain restaurant food as a cultural exchange. You need to read it to understand.

If you’re trying to balance your creative projects with a 9-5, you need this.

“In my opinion, relying solely on a day job or career to fulfill your ambitions and keep you mentally stimulated is risky business. Instead, I like to incorporate a smattering of fulfilling creative projects within my day-to-day life to help me keep my teaching job in perspective.”

The new LIKE A BOSS column on the NYT is my current fave.

If you haven’t already, you might want to read my article on asking uncomfortable questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I haven’t read anything by Nigerian author, Chigozie Obioma, but this NYT article about his foray into the world of reading stories made my heart swell.

Cried laughing at this New Yorker piece. Freelancers Unite!

I’ve been obsessed with this eggless pancake recipe. I added mashed ripe bananas, and it makes the fluffiest pancakes. Life can be good without eggs, yum.

Have you watched Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat documentary? It’s the best thing I watched while I was away.


I’ve mostly been on a podcast break because I’ve been enjoying audiobooks more, but I did enjoy this episode of The Stacks Pod featuring author Crystal Hana Kim. She discusses her writing routine, down to her favorite snacks!

Related: IF YOU LEAVE ME by Crystal Hana Kim

That’s all for now, folks! If you’d like to see my top 20 favorite books of 2018, they’re right here. I’m looking forward to more exciting content in 2019!

What would you like to see more of on Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Currently Loving…| December

  1. Links to great stuff as usual. Which I mostly enjoyed reading, thanks! As for what I’d like to see more: I’m hoping you’ll share your writing experience with us–in the form of tips and lessons you’ve learned. Whatever works best for you.

    All best wishes for the New Year. It’s been a delight following your blog.

    1. Thank you, Augustine! I plan to! Trying to get at least six months of experience under my belt and then I’ll start sharing! Thank you so much for reading my blog.

  2. Ooh I’ve read both Man Repeller posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I particularly love the comment section of MR as I always learn something new. Someone recently recommended Chigozie’s book, The Fisherman to me so I’ll be checking it out and also the article that you linked. I watched Samin’s documentary and I loved it. Learned a couple of cooking/foodie tips, like when she sprinkled a tiny bit of salt on her ice cream haha. Great links Afoma! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you, Demilade! Samin is just the best and I’ve heard a lot about Chigozie’s book too! Gotta make time to read it soon 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. LOL’ed at the Freelancers Unite piece (while having coffee and donuts at krispy kreme)! 😂 Can we, freelancers, be any more predictable?! 🤓

    Salt Fat Acid Heat will be in my to-watch list!

    *Don’t mind me. I’m having a reading marathon on your blog*

    <3 Kay

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