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I hope you’ve had a fantastic month! As I predicted in last month’s round up, April was B U S Y, but in the best way. When you see this I’ll be attending a week-long Bible school I’ve been looking forward to for about a year now, but I have a few lovely links for you.

This month, I also discontinued my usual monthly reads style of reviewing and returned to my usual review pattern. As a result, the book reviews section is POPPING. Feel free to take a look. I’ve categorized my reviews by book genres — adult fiction, middle-grade, and YA. I hope to add a picture book and chapter book section eventually, but for now, middle-grade is my sweet spot.

Here are a few online articles I loved this month.

Currently Loving…

How to write a book in ten days.

I loved this article about the fact that while we all love brick and mortar stores, not everyone can afford to shop at bookstores.

How to be productive when your life is in chaos — super practical tips in this one.

Charnaie shared her ultimate list of literary podcasts for book lovers of all ages. Have a look here.

If you’re a klutz with Google Sheets like I am, you need this list of 27 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google Sheets.

Introverts! Here’s how to promote yourself on the internet.

By the Book: Laila Lalami.

Writer Austin Kleon shares his daily routine + some writing advice. On embracing his ‘deeply lazy’ side as well as his ‘driven workaholic’ side:

For a long time, I thought I had to pick one side, but I’ve realised it’s sometimes bouncing between these two modes that really gives my life meaning – I don’t feel the work would be meaningful if I didn’t have those deeply lazy moments, too.

As someone who’s hypersensitive to noise, I’ve always known silence was healing, but this article confirmed it.

Two netflix shows I’m looking forward to:

Street food

Our Planet

If you missed it, I finally shared about my freelancing journey. You can read about how I find clients, price my services, and support myself working part time as a freelancer here.

How did April go for you? I’d love to know! What are you looking forward to in May?

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